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The Smyinz V2.0

Remember those hovering high speed scooter things the imperial was using in Endor with those ewoks hanging from it left and right? this is what the rebellion would have used instead.Smyinz, the ultimate custom-frame. Low agressiv, one of a kind. Even for the biker above a height of 190 cm a pleasure to ride.
Rims:24" to 80/100 mm width and 26" to 80 mm width
Bottom bracket:USB-BB / BMX
Head tube:1 1/8"
Seatpost:31.8 mm
Disc mounts:Yes
 Backpedal brake mounts:Yes
Colour:Unpainted / Raw
Head tube length:155 mm
Back paving width:135 mm
Driversize:1.65 m to 1.99 m
Shipping Dimensions:138cm x 17cm x 70cm
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