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The Tango V1.0

Toot-fucking-Toot...imagine yourself as a young storm trooper swaggering that thing at walking pace down Hollywood Boulevard with a fine female spread legged on roller skates over the back wheel grabing firmly with both hands to your oiled up trapezius muscles or bent over trying to hold on to your doughy hips...the Tango is the ultimate weapon for pulling chicks.Tango, the brand new Ruff Cycles Frame. Aggressiv, sporty or classic, the Tango is the ideal base for any custom bike you have in mind.
Rims:24" to 80/100 mm width and 26" to 80 mm width, 28" possible
Bottom bracket:USB-BB / BMX
Head tube:1 1/8"
Seatpost:31.8 mm
Disc mounts:No
 Backpedal brake mounts:Yes
Colour:Unpainted / Raw
Head tube length:155 mm
Back paving width:135 mm
Driversize:1.65 m to 1.90 m
Shipping Dimensions:110cm x 17cm x 80cm
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